The Dreadnought Centre is Carbon Neutral

The Dreadnought Centre is Carbon Neutral!

As a local organisation The Dreadnought Centre already aims to be economical with our emissions. However, we understand that as part of a global community, we need to play our part in not only supporting young people now but also in their futures. Because of this, we began in the late part of 2021 to look in earnest at our Carbon Footprint and the emissions that we contribute. We worked in partnership with PositivePlanet to thoroughly calculate our emissions through all our activities.

We are excited to announce that for the second year running The Dreadnought Centre is Certified Carbon Neutral!

Any emissions we do have through our activities are currently offset. Carbon offsetting funds solutions to reducing carbon emissions now. Often carbon offsetting reduces emissions much faster than we can as an organisation. Carbon offsetting funded projects help to combat global climate change as well as caring for local communities. Some examples of projects that are being funded by us to offset our emissions can be found on our PositivePlanet company dashboard (link below)

We are working to continue to reduce our emissions year on year as we aim for NetZero.