Throughout our work with children and young people we operate within a child centred philosophy. This means that we will always adhere to the child / young person's agenda and not our own.

We are keen to enable our service users to experience their feelings and to understand them and then, hopefully, through a process of informed supported choice, enable them to take control and make the changes they want. Dreadnought undertakes work with children & young people who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties in their lives. This includes those children & young people who are adopting an ever decreasing profile and in danger of disappearing ‘off the radar’ as well as those who have a high profile. The services below are not exhaustive but give an overview of the support we can provide for children and young people aged 8 – 19 years.

Socialisation Groups: Focus on social skills, getting along with peers. Trying new things, building self esteem. Putting positive adults into children’s lives. Having fun!

Anger Management Programme: The programme can be individual or group depending on need. Twelve week structured programme – i.e. understanding what anger is, signs and symptoms, coping strategies, triggers etc.

Self Esteem Building: One to one or group. Positive activity with positive adults using creativity and any other medium thought appropriate. Twelve week programme.

Domestic Violence: One to one or group. Twelve week structured programme. This programme was independently evaluated by ‘Sue Penna Associates’- “Dreadnought makes a positive difference in these children and young people’s lives” (P6;1.7) read the full evaluation here

Parent and Child: Using play to build relationships between parent and child.

SPF100: Is a programme developed for young people and children aged 7-19 years who have a close family member either facing a prison sentence, in prison or being released from prison.

Bereavement: Twelve week programme usually one to one.

Eating Disorders: Group or one to one. Twelve week programme.

Leaving Care Support: Group or one to one. Twelve week programme. Covers topics appropriate for young person but may include rights and responsibilities, financial management, healthy eating, sexual health, how to be independent- getting things sorted, constructive use of leisure time etc.

Post Abuse Work: One to one or group. Building self esteem, understanding feelings, moving on etc. Twelve week programme.

Support for Young Carers: Twelve sessions – one to one or group. Concentrating on time for themselves, trying new things and meeting and making friends.

Gambling: Group or one to one specific programme work.

Sexual Health and Rights Assertiveness: Male/Female – group or one to one specific programme work.

Specific Issue Based Groups: Needs led and issue based, i.e. ( Young Women’s/Men’s group, Independent living, Nurture group, Wheelchair users). All of our one to one programmes can be run be run as an issue group.

Aspires: Working with Children & Young People with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder and of Mainstream Educational ability. Group work focused on social skills with the aim of moving on into mainstream activity of their own choice.

HotSpot: A programme for children and young people with an unhealthy interest in fire related activity – Dreadnought runs an eight week structured fire awareness programme for more persistent or serious ‘offenders’.

We understand that a child presenting with an issue – i.e. anger management, will need some strategy work, how to deal with feelings; but as mentioned earlier, we are needs led and if a child is angry because of underlying issues (angry because of bereavement or domestic violence for example) we will always endeavour to provide support for the child or young person to address the cause as well as the symptom.

The service you require may not be listed here but the probability is that in all our years of experience we have worked with most emotional and behavioural issues facing young people, so please ask us. Dreadnought’s services operate from it’s Centre in Pool, Redruth and on an outreach basis in the North, East and West of the County. Please contact the Centre at Pool who will direct you to the appropriate staff team member.